Jessica Sorensen is a mother, wife, and business owner alongside her husband Tj. She loves being able to stay home with her 2 boys whom she loves more than anything. Her biggest joy is being a mother and has known her whole life that was her calling. She met her husband in 7th grade and dated on and off till 11th grade. They have lived on the fast pace since then. They had fallen away from their path from The Lord and got pregnant at 16, had their first child later that year, got married a month later, moved into their own home 2 months later, got introduced to Life Leadership and has been pursuing to Living Intentionally for Excellence. They are strong in The Lord and striving to grow everyday in all the areas of life. She graduated high school a year early and knew college wasn’t for her and was blessed to stay home and then became business owners and working for their freedom every day. Her passion is to help people find their purpose and passion and show them that anything is possible if you believe and decide once to not give up. She loves The Lord and wants to help the lost and grow with the new and fellow believers. She believes in everyone and wants to help them believe in themselves and to know they can be more than average and strive to be great. 


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