Birmingham’s Future Culture?

Birmingham’s Future Culture?


I went to a business meeting about a week and a half ago and ever since have been extremely unsettled and find my mind thinking about one topic in particular.
The meetings purpose was to brainstorm and discuss Birmingham and its ability to grow and expand its industries and business opportunities.
I didn’t really know how to share these thoughts I have so I am writing this mainly to just get it off my chest and if you read it, then that’s great!
The reason I decided to finally write this is because I just got done watching Woodlawn for the first time(I know it’s way past due)!
The whole racism, segregation, slavery(at any time of this world) has always made me very mad, sad, and extremely disappointed.
It is very hard for me to choose to watch movies I know go along that storyline.

So this leads me into the meeting topic. The other attendees brought up the point that they feel Alabama’s culture holds us back from growing because we remain too conservative on many fronts.
I sat there and listened to this discussion and wanted to portray my thoughts and point of view on this but decided not to for 2 reasons:
1) It was a male dominant room that were way more experienced in the business world than I am, so I felt intimidated. (Clearly fear and insecurity ruled this decision)
2) Because it was a business meeting not a religion nor political meeting(which also bothers me that I feel that faith can’t be intermingled in business) I do business to make a difference and the only one that matters is my life pointing to Christ.

So they mentioned two points in particular about the tendencies of racism and sexual preferences.
I am a Christian and believe that everyone is created equal and is loved by God not because of what they look like but because they are His children and unique. I also believe that marriage is one woman and one man.

With that said, we are taught to love everyone because He loves them. I love how Church of the Highlands says that we are all sick, just some of us are a little further in treatment.

Alabama is probably one of the last if not the last state to hold tight to truth and lead by Gods word. The Church as a whole has failed in showing others what God and his love and forgiveness is about(I am just as guilty).
But, Alabama has a great history of many differences, changes, and growth. A lot has happened here; good, bad great, and horrific! But through His love we have found our way to embrace our differences. We still have a LONG way to go.

So my point I wanted to make was that why should we change our culture that has managed to remain close to God and truth, just so business can grow?

Why can’t we show people how great this city is because we remain steadfast and passionate without accepting all the filth the world has made “normal”?

Why don’t we show people that they matter, they have something to offer here no matter their personal life decisions or appearances?

Why wouldn’t we want God and truth to lead our culture and be so contagious that people crave it for the right reasons whether they realize why yet or not?

Have we really gotten so success and business oriented that we would shove what makes us strong to the side so that we can be classified as “successful” like the other big cities in our nation?

The truth is yes, we remain conservative for good reason! Why do you think that the presidential election turned out the way it did? Because people are sick of the lies, destruction, and division! We thrive on hope and unity!

Yes we believe according to the truth of Gods word because that is our only hope to believe in because let’s just face the fact that humans fail. God always remains the same. We crave things we can count on!

Yes we do not applaud sin nor will we encourage it but we will embrace you into this culture and love you anyway. We are nowhere near perfect and I will never claim to get it right. It is not our place to judge. We are hear to love and lead by example that points to Christ. Each person must decide for themselves.

I would rather Birmingham and Alabama as a whole remain small and convicted than big and lost!

We are the land of the free! If we fall, we fail the world as a whole.
It is only because of this conviction that America remains a beacon of light.

Man, that is a load off! Writing thoughts down truly helps relieve pressure and also helped me gather my own thoughts and feelings.

I know that opinions will vary on this topic. As our culture continues to shift and what is considered “normal”, I have to maintain and stick to Gods word as my map to navigate through, be able to hold fast to truth, and not surrender my morals or passion just to make it in this world.

I hope my fellow Alabamans feel proud of who we are but always seeking to grow and be better!

With Love