Shall We Compromise?

I am currently reading a wonderful book by Charlotte Gambill called Turnaround God

I think we all fall short on our zeal for God in at least one area of our lives. An area we compromise. Will we ever master every area where we don’t compromise in some way whether big or small? Probably not. But it’s the desire to want to have more zeal that will get us closer.

In a brood view, America is a huge case of compromise. Because culture shifts and more and more things are accepted, we compromise our beliefs because we either don’t think we can make a difference or because we don’t want to hurt feelings.

In a smaller scale, what things in our own daily lives do we compromise so we don’t make waves for ourselves or others?

And how many do we know we compromise and want to stop but hate the thought of letting it go because it’s a habit?

“Are we willing to risk being misunderstood so we can make a stand? Where has our silence given ground to compromise?” -Charlotte Gambill

Zeal for your house will consume me- John 2:17

Passion is what leads us to not compromise, because passion doesn’t allow us to give up.

So is the problem that we have lost our passion?

“Consumers will never change the world, but those who are consumed are a force to be reckoned with.” – Charlotte Gambill

With Love,