The Mothership


On days like today, being a mother isn’t always easy. I have been sick with a sore, swollen throat, terrible headache, and fever…but my job as a mother doesn’t end. When I just want to lay in bed with my pillow, a Mocha Frappe, and watch movies, my kids still have needs.

All of us mothers would like to say that we are perfect because that’s what we want to be for our kids. We would like to say that we never get impatient, upset, angry, tired, or hurt. We would like to be able to say that we never question how good of a mother we are.

We wish we still had the energy that our kids have so when they ask us to sit on the ground and play cars or throw a ball, we can, from the heart, truly look forward to it and not think how sore our knees, feet, or bottom is! Haha When I see my kids crawling on there hands and knees all around the house and loving it, I just think how much I wish I could do it with the same enthusiasm.

I mean I am only 21 years old and I am lacking in energy! I will admit that. I have 3 kids 3 years and younger. So to say my energy is well used may be an understatement.

Do I get on the floor and play with my kids? Absolutely, because they need to know that what they love is important!

Is it always easy and do I do it every time? No.

Being a mother is a lot of things. Some days are hard, some are easy. Some days we may want to leave for a few days by ourselves and be alone and only have to do or get things for OURSELVES. What’s funny is when we do get away, all we think about is our kids and how much we miss them, especially when we see other kids!

As my mom always told me growing up, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Yes, being a mother is being selfless and serving our children even when we don’t feel like it.

I write this because as mothers we don’t want to admit that we are tired and want a break, we don’t want to say out loud some of the things we think because we fear it makes us a bad mom, when to me, it just means we are human.

I think that saying some of our feelings out loud help us to feel free, less afraid of what others think and allows us to be real with ourselves and our kids as they get older. Whether you speak it to your husband, God, best friend, or maybe your own mother who felt some of the same things, DO IT!

As mothers, our job never ends. It is a 24/7 job. Even when they are sleeping, they could wake up at any moment.

Some days, what we look forward to is their nap time.

My kids are my favorite people in the world, they are my joy! They bring laughter, love, and fun!

Being a mother is not meant to be easy. It is not for the faint hearted.

For you mothers-to-be, don’t be scared!

Children are a blessing. They challenge us to be better! I look back through pictures and see that most of our special memories and fun days was with our children.

I think as mothers, we do need a break from time to time to rejuvenate our batteries and come back stronger, even if it is just a few hours to go for a walk, get a coffee and read, go shopping, get our nails done, or whatever it is that caters to you and when you even just think about it, it makes you relax.

Have you ever seen an alien movie or Star Wars? Then you know that the huge ship that all the little ones come out of is referred to as the Mothership. You ever wonder why they chose that name? Us mothers are the ones who lead the way. We are the ones who love, nurture, discipline, teach, learn, play, kiss booboos, cry, and lead. (I am not excluding fathers in any of these, they have their part too) We are the ones they come too even though Dad is standing right there! We are the ones that hold everything we need for battle. If the Mothership is taken down, then the family is easier to take down. We hold everyone together because we are emotionally based.

I was listening to a CD the other day where a mother of 5 was talking about how us mothers just need to adopt the word S.L.O.W into our lives. Our lives would be a lot less stressful and enjoyable if we could every now and then not feel like we have to conquer everything before we can stop and enjoy life.

S-Serve Them: Don’t Spoil them. Serve them in a way that shows them they are special. Serve them by teaching them and including them. When they want to help do the dishes or fold the laundry, let them. Yes, it is not always helping but take the time to teach them. Enjoy their desire to help while they enjoy it!

L-Love Them: Show them love by speaking their Love language(The 5 Love Languages). Love them by spending time with them even when it isn’t always convenient for you. Trust me…those times will happen. Greatest gift you can give them is to show them they are more important than your phone, TV show, dishes, laundry, just to name a few of the so many things we mothers do. The biggest thing us mothers hear, “Mom, watch me!” WATCH THEM!

O-Observe Them: Observe the things they do, the things they like, things they don’t like. Know your children uniquely.

W-Walk With Them: Take the time to walk with them as they grow. Spend time together as a group and individually. Let them know you are there whenever they need you. Maybe even take an actual walk with them.

If you are like me, you like your house to be in order and clean, which is a dream when you have kids right? For us organized, clean, spotless mothers…we need to be able to let our kids play freely and be imaginative and creative and then allow them to learn how to clean up after themselves and make it fun so that everyone is happy.

For the rest of you who don’t need everything in its place, you and your kids will have less to fight over! Haha For y’all, I read a book that said kids having freedom to play and express themselves is great but that cleaning up after themselves and starting fresh each day helps them to play better and learn responsibility. Plus, we all know how stressful it can be when you can’t find stuff. When things have a place and they start there each day, saves everyone time to have to go hunt that stuff down because they want it then and there.

I am amazed where my kids manage to leave their toys…it is usually the last place I think to look. They have a gift! I don’t know if they like seeing how long it will take us to find it or it just managed to land there.

Like our husbands, we have a job that has its up and down days. We all need breaks and it is ok to take time for us and to express our feelings. Women are experts at being emotional but also great at keeping it bottled up because we don’t want to look weak or maybe feel that saying it won’t matter or change things.

As moms, we will go through more emotions I could list, but thankfully, we have God to keep us strong and teach us how to handle each and every one.

We are special and irreplaceable. Keep focused on the good days and the bad days won’t seem as hard.

We sometimes wish the bad days away and wonder if they will ever get out of diapers, make their own drink, be able walk on their own, dress themselves, and out of carseats. Then find ourselves balling our eyes out looking at their pictures when they were so small, needed our help, and wonder where the time has gone and wishing to see them small again. That’s why we must stay focused on each day and not wish it away but know that “this too shall pass”(another statement my mom always says to me). That is probably why God gave us the verse to not worry about tomorrow but focus on today.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. -Matthew 6:34

Our children remind us there are more important things in life. Stuff will wither away but people and the time we spend together will remain with us forever.

Now, if you would excuse me, my kids are asking me for a drink and my attention. 😉

With Love