Lost or Found?

At some point, we all go through stages of being lost.

Whether it’s being lost because the GPS has no idea what it’s talking about…

Being lost in the woods and can’t seem to find any familiar land markings..

Being lost in our relationships and can’t figure people out and which way is right anymore..

Being lost emotionally and just can’t control our feelings, outbursts, or emotions..

Being lost physically and just can’t figure out what works to get our body where we desire health-wise or weight-wise…

Maybe its spiritually and we are completely lost on where we are with God, maybe never even came to the place where we truly know God or have just lost site of Him…

Maybe we are lost in life itself and became Southbound when we need to go North and we have no idea how to turn around..

Good News: You are not alone! We have all been lost in all of those at some point in our lives or maybe all at the same time and everything is so foggy, we are just stuck and afraid to take a step in any direction in fear that a cliff is right there. Don’t feel separated from everyone as though no one could possibly help. Don’t remain in that uncertainty. I am going to go back to my younger years when I would watch The Land Before Time movies (the fact that I still watch them with my boys makes no difference). If you have ever seen them then you may know what I am referring to. In the 4th one, The Journey Through the Mists, Little Foot goes to the Valley of Mists to find a certain flower to save Grandpa who has become sick. The journey is very dangerous and not suitable for children on there own. His friends of course want to go with him so they embark on this journey together. At one point, the mist is so thick that if you get separated from each other, you may remain lost forever. Sarah, one of the friends(the stubborn one btw), gets separated and they can hear her but can’t see her till the mist lifts a little and see that she is on a rock in the middle of a fast-flowing river. (How she got there, who knows. But sometimes looking at it, we ask ourselves, “How did I get so far?”)While they try to get to her, she is scared and unsure what will happen. She doesn’t have anywhere to go and the water is rushing all around and everything seems hopeless. When all seemed lost and hopeless, she felt alone and afraid, her friends were working the whole time to rescue her, to reach out and give her a hand. (To know what happens next, watch the movie, I don’t have time to write it all down, SORRY!)

My point of all this is that…you may have felt lost at some point and have a testimony of people that helped you find your way or maybe God was the one who provided the dry ground to walk on to freedom and clarity. Maybe you are feeling lost right now at this moment and have no clue what step to take first and which direction is the right one because the mist is so thick. My goal is drill it so hard in your mind that you are not alone..even if you feel you have no one here on earth to rescue you, you have a Father, a Friend, a Rescuer in Heaven above waiting for you to take His hand. I can guarantee you that if you bring God into it, He will bring you out. I can also guarantee that you have people all around working hard to get to you and rescue you. Maybe the mist has blinded your vision of help but people are out there trying whether in prayers, in thoughts, in tears, or in actions. It is happening all around! Open yourself to it and don’t let pride stand in the way.

I am going to have a moment of complete honesty because I believe in speaking the truth even when it hurts. If you feel you don’t need help because you can do it on your own, let me ask you this, who is responsible for you being lost?

If you answered anyone but yourself, take it back and face the truth that you are responsible. Yes, others may have played a part of influence or temptation to lead you where you are but we are always in control of who we follow.

I have been lost in all the above…I have been reluctant to help and thought I knew what I was doing and could handle it. I couldn’t…and you are no different. God put us here with the ability to rely on something greater. Not to walk this life alone but to walk it with Him and with others. I still hate asking for help for fear it will make me appear weak, but asking for help is a humble decision and only makes you stronger because in the moment you say “HELP!”, you overcome the flesh to walk alone and APPEAR strong and instead…you actually become strong! What is that verse…Pride always comes before the fall….

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.   – Proverbs 16:18

Don’t test this one out and just take God’s word for it. It will save you so much time.

The Found part you have to discover on your own. I can tell you though that once truly found..you will know and will never go back to Lost because you now know both places and can see clearly that being found may be harder and less traveled but always worth it. When found, God will be more real, your emotions will feel more in control and balance, you health will be stronger because you found the light(just as plants need sunlight, we need the same warmth), the GPS will be more bearable because when technology fails, friends will be there to direct us, we will have more relationships and healthy ones, being lost in the woods will be an exciting journey admiring God’s creation and enjoying the peace and quiet because we know that we have to find a road eventually. The road of life…well…it never gets easier but gets much more exciting and fun and you will never be more excited to keep heading as far North as you can. 😉 It becomes about others, laughter, joy, peace, and most importantly God!

If you are lost…call out! Someone will answer. Most importantly…TRUST!

If you have been lost and are already found…enjoy it, take it in, never fall to the thought you can do it alone. Most importantly…HELP OTHERS BE FOUND! Sounds exciting right? I thought you might think so too.

I love you!

Found in Christ,



One thought on “Lost or Found?”

  1. Jessica, that Word was simply amazing! So very true and so VERY real!! Oh to be “found” by God and friends is the best ever!! So thankful for God leading me and for you, Jessica Sorensen encouraging me along and walking this life together! Love you and keep listening and writing what you hear! The world needs to hear and be lost less and found more!!

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