Hamster on a Wheel

When I was younger, I wanted a hamster so bad! Who doesn’t want something cute, furry, and small? Well on my birthday one year, my mom surprised me with the cutest white and tan hamster, Gracie. About 5 min later, I figured out that hamsters are faster than anticipated and dropped her, hence the name. To me, it was grace from God she lived. Well as we all know, hamsters love running on those little annoyingly loud wheels. For Gracie, she liked doing it when I was trying to sleep. There is a point to this, so bare with me.

Sometimes you wander what animals think, can they think like we can? Well whether she knew it or not, she could run on that wheel for hours and never leave her cage or even move from that very spot.

I wonder, how many of us do that? We go through life doing the same routine over and over everyday hoping that we will get further TODAY! Today is a new day; a good attitude to have as long as you are learning from your results so far and making changes where needed. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our routine, that at the beginning the exercise is fun and exciting but soon becomes exhausting and boring. Soon it becomes more about the wheel than where we are going. When we enter in the moments of frustration wondering “why do I feel like I am running around in circles and never getting anywhere?”

The answer is clear…the decision is open for us to decide what is more important. Do we keep trying to run away from something or do we stop, turn and face the issue so we can get off the wheel and move forward in life by making the changes necessary to give us freedom?

Will you be like a hamster and hope the wheel will free itself from the stand or decide to take control and get off? The choice is always ours, will you take the challenge?

“You have to hate losing enough to change or hate changing enough to lose.” – Orrin Woodward

There is no happy medium. There is more out there waiting for you to overcome, experience, have, do, and become. Go get it, because the winner inside of you is waiting to come out.

With love


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