Is God Dead or Alive?

I just finished watching Gods Not Dead FINALLY! Great movie, full of truth and excitement of things that go on every single day for Gods kingdom.

The movie got me to do you argue or prove Gods existence? There are many people that could argue both sides and try to use logic or reasoning. Everyone has their own opinion and have a right to their opinion and beliefs, but one thing I have learned that is most important is..know why you believe what you believe. If you believe based on what your family, friends, or acquaintances has told you then I highly recommend that you research why! Why? Because if you don’t know for yourself what you believe and why then you don’t believe anything, you accept everything.

One thing I know is God doesn’t need our defense but He loves our faith. Gods existence doesn’t need to be proven with words…everything we knows proves He is alive and true. One thing Josh said in the movie during one of his sessions was that right and wrong is judged based on a straight line given by God and that without it we would have no reason for laws or rules. Whether people believe or not…everything our entire world is based around started with The Ten Commandments. Moral would be nonexistent without Gods direction.

The movie stated that God has given us free will. Why? God is not a dictator sitting on his throne telling us what, when and how to live, he is our guide who informs us on the right path but it is ultimately our decision to listen or ignore. What verse that keeps coming to mind is:
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he sent His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

Yes this is the verse everyone knows, believer or not, but this verse tells it all. It expresses His love and your choice of life or death. What more do we need?

God loved us so much that he sent His son to die for our sins, He knew the whole time that not everyone will receive His sacrifice but he also knew that each and every person who will is worth it. He even states “whosoever” saying that whoever chooses to believe will be given life.

To me, the only explanation I need is that when you truly believe, you will know that Gods existence is real because the feeling you have flowing through you that is like none other without Him. The only question to ask yourself… “What do I believe, and why?” Do you really know or do you just take someone’s word for it? Someone can point out verse after verse to prove it, but in the end…the only thing we are searching for is why? My question to you is why not?

Eternity in paradise or in despair and anguish? The answer is for you to decide and is between you and God.

For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” (‭Romans‬ ‭1‬:‭17‬ NIV)

With Love


Does it matter?

Does is matter if we are the end times generation?

With the direction our country is well on it’s way of, a lot of people, myself included, are wondering if it is near the end times. I have thought and pondered many times on if it’s getting near and what will it be like. The honest truth, it is a little scary for me because there is so much unknown of how will it begin, how long will the ones who are saved and have received Christ is Lord be here before we go to spend eternity with God, what will we have to go through here on earth, etc? I have had moments of excitement that we could be with God and Jesus Christ soon and also sadness that I may not be able to see my kids grow up, play sports, meet their special someone, have kids, and things they will accomplish. My dream growing up was having a family and growing old with my husband. I always come back to the excitement of seeing God and being in His presence, and trying to imagine what heaven will really be like. Today Pastor Chris Hodges preached on praying first before everything! Before every phone call, every meeting, when we wake up, when we go to bed, when we send our kids to school, when we leave the house, the list is endless but you get the point. He broke down the Lords Prayer and showed that Jesus was giving us an outline of how to pray to God, because his disciples just asked him to show them how to pray as he did. It was a phenomenal teaching and so eye opening to a way of deeper intimacy with God and not using prayer as a last resort but as a first thought.

Anyways, toward the end he told us that he will be doing a series in September called “Because You Asked” based on the congregations request at Easter when he asked what topic would they want him to preach on and the most asked one was are we in the end times. It got me really thinking…yes we always love knowing what is going to happen and when, we aren’t very excited about unsure stuff, but the question we should be asking ourself is “what should I be doing now to help someone else?” If we are following Gods word then it doesn’t matter whether we are the end times generation or not because we should already be prepared and have our place in heaven ready for our arrival. What we should be more concerned with are the ones that have their name on the door but the room is vacant because they haven’t received their place.

We should always be living so on purpose for others that whether the last day is tomorrow or 1000 years from now, we are fulfilling our purpose and reaching out to every person intended for us to reach. Study the word and know the signs of the end drawing near and always be ready as the word says…
Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. (‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5‬:‭1-2‬ NIV)
No matter what we endure here on earth, the reward will be much greater. Build your foundation to stand on to keep your feet planted in truth.
Surrender your life to God, study his word, know it, and then help others do the same and when that moment comes when we see Jesus’ face, it won’t sneak up on us like a thief because we lived each and every day as though it was our last.
Every moment is important and my prayer is that I will always be on purpose to fulfill my everyday purpose, you never know who God puts in your path that may be lost trying to find their way. I hope and pray you are living on purpose as well and you have claimed your place in heaven. It starts with you, and then others!

If we are the end times generation then we still have plenty of fight left in us to still do what we can to bring truth to the world one person at a time. And if we aren’t, then we still changed many more lives so they could carry on saving others even after our generation is gone so that the truth never ends and can keep spreading like wildfire.

With Love

Since When?

I am sure we can all agree that America and all countries for that matter are information poor which leads to lack of leadership. It’s proven by the state of our society currently.

• Divorce rate is over 60%
• where the economy lies financially
• Laws being passed that are absolutely ludicrous (most of which Americans have no clue about) 40,000 laws passed alone in 2013
• Things not only accepted but welcomed that used to be a thing of sin, disgust, unaccepted, and forbidden.
• Never mind the freedoms being gladly handed over because we aren’t taking responsibility for the duties trusted to us by those that fought, sweated, sacrificed, and died for

These days, we don’t read books, listen to audios, stay up to date on our government and the decisions it’s making for us, and exercising our rights as Americans. The constitution used to be a sixth grade level of understanding when we were founded but now, most Americans need a dictionary to understand it if they have ever even read it.
What are we doing instead? Focusing on STUFF(as Chris Brady says)! Society tells us that we need the new clothes, shoes, cars, houses, and electronics just to fit in. There is nothing wrong with having those things as long as the critical matters are a high priority. The real issue is the fact that we will put that stuff on loan or credit just to look like we have it all. If we continue to be consumed with putting all our time and efforts to acquire STUFF and forget about the freedoms that give us the choice to strive after greater things, then soon those things won’t be in our reach. If we aren’t on purpose to keep the freedoms we have and get back ones we have lost, one day we won’t be fighting for the new thing…but our next meal. Freedoms aren’t free! I know right…crazy but true! We have to continually fight for those freedoms to have the option to have the STUFF!

Since when did it become ok to worry more about ourselves than others?
Since when did it become ok to focus more on STUFF than the truly important things at stake, for not only us but our children and grandchildren?
Since when did it become ok to go into debt for things that are mainly to just impress other people?
Since when did it become ok to sit back and watch America continue to sink lower?
Since when did it become ok to let others tell us who we should or can be?
Since when?

Each and every one of us(not just Americans but all) are our own individual and have the right to not only exercise our rights and freedoms but to uphold them. We are a strong, courageous, loving, passionate, Godly nation that is founded on the greatest principles ever in our history and it’s time to stand up for them together.

Life Leaderships sole purpose is to help people see the truth of where we were, where we are, where we are going, and how to change our direction. I thank God that people are grabbing hold of the opportunity to spread truth to others and taking a stand for the things that truly hold value. Great things are ahead, it’s up to us to make sure we do our part. Our history is great but our future is still a question mark…what will we do to make sure that the ones after us have something to look back at and be proud of what we did today? My prayer is that after reading this, you don’t just say that was a good read but inspires you to take action and dig into our history, present and possible futures and want to take part in making it the best.

With Love

Hamster on a Wheel

When I was younger, I wanted a hamster so bad! Who doesn’t want something cute, furry, and small? Well on my birthday one year, my mom surprised me with the cutest white and tan hamster, Gracie. About 5 min later, I figured out that hamsters are faster than anticipated and dropped her, hence the name. To me, it was grace from God she lived. Well as we all know, hamsters love running on those little annoyingly loud wheels. For Gracie, she liked doing it when I was trying to sleep. There is a point to this, so bare with me.

Sometimes you wander what animals think, can they think like we can? Well whether she knew it or not, she could run on that wheel for hours and never leave her cage or even move from that very spot.

I wonder, how many of us do that? We go through life doing the same routine over and over everyday hoping that we will get further TODAY! Today is a new day; a good attitude to have as long as you are learning from your results so far and making changes where needed. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our routine, that at the beginning the exercise is fun and exciting but soon becomes exhausting and boring. Soon it becomes more about the wheel than where we are going. When we enter in the moments of frustration wondering “why do I feel like I am running around in circles and never getting anywhere?”

The answer is clear…the decision is open for us to decide what is more important. Do we keep trying to run away from something or do we stop, turn and face the issue so we can get off the wheel and move forward in life by making the changes necessary to give us freedom?

Will you be like a hamster and hope the wheel will free itself from the stand or decide to take control and get off? The choice is always ours, will you take the challenge?

“You have to hate losing enough to change or hate changing enough to lose.” – Orrin Woodward

There is no happy medium. There is more out there waiting for you to overcome, experience, have, do, and become. Go get it, because the winner inside of you is waiting to come out.

With love