Do we believe?

Hi everyone, I haven’t written in so long! I missed you all! I only write when I feel inspiration whether from a song, a quote, a talk, etc…who knows? God comes from all different directions.😃
Today I was taking the boys to do some grocery shopping and let them ride in the truck, you know those kid things in the game section that are like 50 cents/ride in the front of the store so kids will see it walking in, waiting in line checking out or leaving? Then you hear “can we ride truck?! Can we ride truck?!”, all throughout the shopping experience! Haha
Anyways, on the way there the song We Believe by Newsboys came on and in the store I kept singing it over and over not really paying attention, and then I was looking at the laundry detergent and a lightbulb must have came on because I realized the power in the words. I do my bible study while boys nap and so after we came home I laid them down and decided to pull the song up and the Holy Spirit just led me into the best worship time I have ever had I think.
What I received from the song is when in those times of hardship or confusion like when the bank account has like $3 in it or negative and you don’t know what to do, when your spouse just doesn’t understand or is hurting you in anyway, when you feel alone and without love, when your kids just won’t listen and don’t see you are just protecting them from the world and the temptations, when all seems lost and hopeless and you just feel, “will this ever end?”! Lift your hands, lift your eyes, and just whisper or shout “we believe!” And whether through the tears or anger, Smile! That is all God needs to move.
At one point in the song it says, ” let the lost be found and the dead be raised,” what this spoke to me is that there are all kinds of appearances of death, the one that usually comes to mind is the physical, but we can forget those that are dead spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. We are here to build people up and bring them to a place of community with not only God by with us, the ones in the fight everyday for continual freedom. Whenever you aren’t sure what to do or feeling helpless or alone, remember He is right there and all we need to do is surrender and say “We Believe!”
I encourage you all to listen to that song and not quietly, if you need to put some earphones, walk outside, look at the beauty around and if that isn’t there then look up and there is always beauty in what’s above!😉
I love you all and hope that if you don’t already, find a community of people that will encourage and uplift you in the great and the bad and will only give truth to your ears! Enjoy the song and what the Holy Spirit has to speak to you in that moment for you to take from it!

With love

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31