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This morning Tj and I were doing our devotional together and it’s titled “Talking With God in Prayer”. I chose that own because the power in prayer is more powerful than we can fathom and we often forget to pray in time of struggle, victory, heartache, confusion, or in happiness. Prayer is our conversations with God like we have with best friends, family, and spouses. He wants to talk even more and be included in everything that happens in our lives. I know that prayer strengthens our friendship and intimacy with God and that is the beginning to a fulfilled life.

So today it was about expressing thankfulness to God for all he does and gives us. It asked us to write down 10 things we are most thankful for and to share them and the reason why. We have learned through Life Leadership the importance to put things on paper, not on our phones or in our mind but on paper because the physical act of writing things out, engraves them in your mind. It opened our eyes to all that we are blessed with because we could have written more.

I’m not sure if anyone else can relate, but I often find myself looking at the negative, the obstacles, and the things not possessed. But it usually doesn’t take long before God redirects my view and helps my obstacles shrink and my destination enlarge so my view is looking at the light not the darkness. I have been asking God for quite sometime to help me with perspective and to bring out more positive into my mind and heart. Yesterday was the first time that it took me mere minutes to see the upside.

We had purchased a car a few months back that we could pay cash for. After purchasing it, we were so excited…then things started to go downhill. The car started making this awful squealing noise when it started and for a little ways driving, then found an oil leak and a few other things that is just to much to explain. So Saturday we took the car to Tj’s dads for him to look at and find the problem( he is an excellent, knowledgable mechanic😊). The squealing turned out to be an easy fix praise God. As we were leaving Sunday to drive back home, I was following Tj in my car and he turned around and after looking at it the heat hose(I am not knowledgable of cars) blew which made the car start smoking. Tj’s dad informed us that it usually happens when people are driving on the highway and stranded and if you keep driving for any length of time could blow the whole engine up. I was not a happy camper at first, what was supposed to relieve pressure to have 2 cars has turned into one thing after another. So not only do we have to put money out to fix it, we are back to one car for awhile. We head back home and I am still struggling with it when all of a sudden I just take a deep breath and like a light bulb, God shed some light. The cost will only be like $40, it happened right there so we didn’t break down elsewhere and had to have it towed for a couple hundred, and everyone was safe. I felt so peaceful all of a sudden that I started to thank God because that would have usually taken me days to overcome.

The whole point of this is that, struggles are inevitable and will come no matter what. The good news is that they don’t last forever and they are easier when you can see Gods perspective rather than your own.
One saying I love is
“It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens to you.” So next time anything small, medium or large happens, PRAY! Don’t ask why, but say “I trust you God, and thank you that you are doing something bigger than I can see right now.” For me, I love to be in control and know what is going to happen and when, so to say the least it has been a battle to give control to God. So if this is a struggle for you, just keep fighting and praying for peace, belief and trust. And as my mom says, “Don’t give up!”

Claude Hamilton- “Keep Stroking!”

“The test of persistence isn’t when you cross the finish line and everyone is cheering or when you walk up on stage and people can’t stop clapping for you, the test of persistence is when your the brokest.” -Claude Hamilton

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2 NIV)

Keep sticking to the fight and claim your victory one at a time!

With Love


A Mother’s Love

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am thinking back to all the moments, love, and arguments that I have shared with my mother. I can say that I have always loved my mother and knew she was always looking out for me (even when I hated it). We grew up with discipline and spankings. Our paddle was not their hand or a spoon, it was a board that my dad cut into a paddle that was a couple inches thick and it got the job done. I remember every time she was about to spank me she would say, “I do this because I love you.” As a kid, we never see it that way right? All the rules, we see as unfair, mean, and stupid, they tell us “you will thank me one day!” I would think..your crazy!! I will never do this to my kids..oh how naive and blinded I was! I am so abundantly grateful for everything my mom taught me and protected me from and I will teach my kids the same principles and show the same love because as a mother, I see that it is our duty, responsibility, and gift to raise up our children to value the same truths to be leaders to not only their children but others.

I see kids that have no boundaries or rules and my heart cries out to them. I hate that we are so blinded that we don’t see until we are older what they were saving us from. As children, whether we see it or not, we are looking for guidance and love because we are still figuring out ourselves and the things around that we need our parents to keep us moving forward. As still a very young woman, considered a child still in some people’s eyes by age, but also a mother I can still see both sides very clearly. As a young woman, all I want is to have fun with my boys and be their friend. As a mother, all I want is to teach them what’s important, what is truth, and how much I love them. That even though they may not understand now, they know that with everything I do, I am doing it for them. I remember thinking that my mom isn’t doing it because she loves me but because she just wanted us to be perfect for others, how deceived was I? What my problem was, was my perspective!

Our job as parents is to share perspective through love and whether they understand at that moment or 20 years down the road, stand firm and know that you are doing what’s right and their future decisions they make on their own relies on the principles you teach them now. I can say with all honesty that I thank God for giving me the parents I have, but also thanking my mom that she followed God and stood firm in her faith for us. There is a time to be a parent and a time to be a friend. You have to receive discernment in every moment on which role do you follow. Kids don’t want demands, they want love and understanding. Even though we think we do, we don’t want to be able to run free, we want structure because that shows us that our parents love us because they care what we do and where we are and who we hang out with. So mothers, at whatever age, be confident in your decision to do what’s right for your children. God gave
them to us to raise up and lead, to then raise up and lead after us.

The most important part that is needed though is a strong foundation, that can only come through God and His word. When you are founded on concrete, nothing can move you from your duty as a parent. My mom may not see it, but although we fell away from our Godly foundation for a time, she did her part as our mother. It was our own poor decisions that we walked in because we let the worldly desires override what we knew was right.

So to my mom, I respect, love, cherish, and honor my mother with everything she did, does, and continues to do for me. She has shown what unconditional love is, in the toughest, heartbreaking moments. She is a strong woman of God and the best mother I could have that could handle me in my best moments and the moments where I didn’t want her to even touch me. She is my best friend because she never gave up, always believed in me, and showed love and compassion. I give all the thanks to God and Life Leadership for my relationship with my mom. The information I have been blessed to be plugged into has played a major role and i am where I am because of the truth it has brought to our life.

I love you mom and thank you for being the mother I needed and now my best friend:) I can go to you for anything! Happy Mothers Day:) you deserve a wonderful day all about you!

With Love